Artbased is a company, working with art-based projects. Art exhibitions, book projects, music projects, interior, art gallery sales or just communication between buyers and artist or artist and art gallery. Artbased arose after a number of years of requests for help from exhibitors and creative people who had ideas and the will - but could not put it together for an exhibition, product or sales. Today, Artbased works full time with artists, galleries and as a side kick in creative processes. The basis for the company is the sales of art in various forms. During the last two years, it has expanded and we have projected both the start of a gallery, sculpture parks and individual artists' projects. Artbased also assists customers, both companies and individuals, beginners and art collectors to arrange art in different environments.

I work with art, both customized and individual projects of various kinds. Everything from "Custom made art" - Right painting to your room, place-mounted art and separate exhibitions to other artists' exhibitions and projects.

Do you need help compiling an art exhibition, release or other creative project? Do you have space at your office or in your home you just cant figure out what to make it complete? Then Artbased might be what you are looking for. Artbased works with various types of projects that involve art. We can assist you with everything from idea to the entire exhibition, depending on your needs.

Do you need help with a creative project? Contact: laila@artbased.se or +46 763 22 30 70

Exhibitions and releasing art- based projects
Starta upp konstnärer och kreativa flöden
Projects in different places. This is SO STHLM 2016
LEMON ART Visa konst på den lokala baren
Separatutställningar på konstgallerier eller i ateljé miljö
Starta komplement till konstgalleri. Detta är Galleri Roddarhuset Vaxholm som fick ett tillhörande café så att platsen blev ett utflyktsmål.
Levererar och installerar sina sålda objekt om behov finns
Custom made art. Sizes, colors and forms for you home or work
Uppstart av Konstgalleri med etablerade konstnärer
Konstgalleriet på The Nut House
Torsåker/Upplands Väsby
Samarbeten med designers, konstnärer, författare, musiker mm.
Från köp till montering
Från köp till montering. Privatpersoner och företag
Exhibition at SO STHLM




The feeling of enetring a exhibition is importent. The meaning of its existens and the artists vision. Art is a language of its own and how you embraze it,  interpret or judge it, its your own process. Both as a artist and a viewer. I love working with creative people and in creative processes. With customers and custom designed art as well as delivering the right piace of art to the right owner.

My profession is based on Art therapy activities and my own artistry but I have a high interesst of complete feelings in a room. The art will exstend the energy or person or persons that live, work or visiting the room.


My own artistery and art (loff.se) has begun to shape its own language and has so far resulted in over 30 exhibitions and participation in sculpture parks and co-exhibitions. Painting, ceramics and glass are my three basic materials, but I also work with wood, paper and whatever suits my mind and ideas. Art is important to me and being able to express myself through image and form is as wonderful gift just as experiencing the expression of other artists work or custumers choice of buying a piece. If you are interested in my art, projects, my previous assignments or visiting me in my studio, or need help with a artbased Project, please contact me by email: laila@artbased.se


Upcoming exhibits can be found under the page: News and mixed image material can be found under HOME/ARTBASED/Gallery. Curious about processes and following my creation from idea to reality? Follow me  

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                       Konstpathenuthouse (represented artist for                                        exhibition)

                       Atelje Resarö 28:1 (art Laila Orning)


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